continue reading this Here is a list of the top 3 things every seller should do before putting your house on the market.

  1. Google your home address. You want to know everything about what anyone can see about your property.

    buy clomid and arimidex Check for any inaccuracies, and make the necessary adjustments. You’re looking for county and local records. Do they reflect the proper number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the proper square footage? What does the property look like through Google Earth or Google street view?

  2. Account for any improvements you’ve made and/or problems you’ve encountered.

    No one wants to air their dirty laundry, especially if it means taking a hit on the asking price of your home. However, full disclosure of any known issues is the law, so you might as well make a list – and fix whatever you can before going through the selling process.  Remember, it’s probably going to be less expensive to make an upgrade before selling. If a buyer adds it as a condition, they’re going to get ALL the money!

  3. Clean it up!

    You are going to want to go through every room of your house with deep cleaning in mind! Get rid of all clutter (take it to a storage facility if you can’t bear to throw it away). The scrub, scrub, scrub every nook and cranny! Once it’s clean, keep family members from making a mess by limiting the number of areas that you use for living. Sure, it’s inconvenient – but when you’ve decided to sell, you’ve essentially opted out of most of your “rights” to use your home. Keep it clean, and clean up on closing day!

  4. BONUS TIP: Check out your real estate agent.

    Make sure that you pick an agent who makes you feel comfortable. Have them show you how they market their properties. Are they available to you 24/7? Have they successfully sold any other properties? Will they share past clients with you so that can ask for unbiased testimonials?  Your real estate agent is either the glue that holds everything together, or the fly that ruins a perfectly good soup. Choose wisely!